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Mystery Shopping - Insight into your sales and service

Discover why your Sales aren’t Skyrocketing and How to Transform your Customer Service into Profit

Mystery shopping creates opportunities for increased sales by evaluating your customer service – it gives you the concrete truth about your service and where you are and aren’t delivering. Read more about Mystery Shopping…

About Service Integrity

Service Integrity Mystery Shopping is an Australian based company focusing on customer service measurement as a tool for changing staff behaviour.

Service is about how your organisation interacts with the outside world. Quite often, the service is the strategy.

Integrity exists when your organisation does what it sets out to do. Integrity is execution.

The purpose of our company is to “provide accurate sales and service insight to help change behaviour”. The end product is the truth about what is happening with your Sales and Service.

We measure truth at the point of customer contact using one of our 35,000+ shoppers.  Those shoppers cover all parts of Australia and New Zealand, from Moura, QLD to Mercer, NZ.